Our Mission

Simplify business to sustain growth.

Our Vision

Becoming the largest Oracle NetSuite consulting firm, in subscription volume, in Latin America, until 2022.

Our Values

EXCELLENCE: do it well, there is no try.

ATTITUDE: the first are always remembered.

COMMITMENT: success does not happen by chance.

COLLABORATION: competition makes us fast, together we go further.

RESPECT: is non-negotiable.

Our History

Active Cloud Solutions started the Oracle NetSuite operation in Brazil, we established a solid sales and delivery team, which grows and remains with us until this day. All projects are delivered responsibly and we respect our customers’ investment.

For a few consecutive years, we have received the largest Oracle sales award in the world and we are proud to be the largest Oracle NetSuite implementer in South America. 

Today, our services department is divided into 3 major areas:

  • Projects – Responsible for delivering Oracle NetSuite projects with excellence;
  • Support – Dedicated team of consultants to support the operation of our customers;
  • Software Factory – Technical development team that delivers products, developments and integrations with the agile methodology.

We thank our customers, employees and partners immensely for all the giaks that have been achieved, we are sure that we are on the right track.

Our Team

We are a passionate team that is obsessed with satisfying our customers. Our work methodology is collaborative and we make sure that everyone feels good. We challenge our team to think big and bring their ideas to the company, regardless of job title or education. We believe that the company’s most valuable assets are people, their experiences and knowledge.