Optimize your processes with BPO and stay focused on your core business.

In all and every business industries there are processes which despite of not being part of the core business, they are essentials to the company operation. In this context, the BPO is a global trend, increasingly present in organizations from the most various industries. It is about outsourcing processes, leaving them to the expert companies.

Why should I outsource?

  • Need to improve and optimize processes;
  • Need to decrease time spent with administration, finance, tax, accounting and HR issues;
  • Decrease of labor liabilities;
  • Difficulty hiring specialized resources;
  • High costs with acquisition, maintenance and update of the technological platform;
  • Need of specialized professionals;
  • Company qualification for strategic changes, acquisitions or mergers;
  • Expert resource sharing, aiming the cost reduction.
Active Cloud Solutions BPO

How we works

According to your company’s business, we will provide an analysis about the most suitable method to implement the BPO, in a way that we can reach the best results, with the lowest impacts.

The consultancy services outline the guidelines for a more efficient operation and indicate the cost reduction and process improvement percentages, through projections in the time frame determined by the company.

We offer expert professionals available to understand what the best solution.

Types of BPO

  • IT BPO (development, IT Administration, Help Desk, APP Development, etc.);
  • Accounting;
  • Human Resources and Payroll;
  • Finance and Administrative Management;
  • Audit and Controllership;
  • Tax Planning;
  • Due Diligence.