Oracle NetSuite is a global system used by over 40,000 customers in 160 countries. We are used to receiving and helping Global customers to implement the system in Brazil and Latin America.

We are experts in deploying the Brazilian localized version of Oracle NetSuite

Brazilian Oracle NetSuite Localization

Localization projects are accelerated and bring many benefits to our customers, making the software fully adherent to the needs of the Brazilian market.


  • Localized financial consolidation and accounting reports
  • Integration with Brazilian banks to generate payment and receipt batches
  • Bank slip management
  • Automatic bank reconciliation
  • Automatic tax calculations according to Brazilian law
  • Issuance of tax documents
  • Automated tax receipt (product and services)

We are experts

Our team is made up by consultants with experience in Brazilian legislation to assist our customers in using the system. Our projects include user training and qualification.

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