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Companies around the world use Oracle NetSuite

One single system for your entire company

The software that grows with you

Eliminate IT maintenance and upgrade costs

Better decisions, faster

Oracle NetSuite ERP features

Complete financial management

Oracle NetSuite combines integrated features in terms of finance with a native Business Intelligence tool so that decisions are made in real time.
Accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, budget, tax and all the features that a company requires are in the cloud and integrated.

Financial planning and budgeting

With Oracle NetSuite integrated with Oracle PBCS, your company will reduce cycles, carry out simulations, forecasts, and involve users in budgeting. The best planning tool integrated to the best ERP solution in the world.

Production management

Get your products to market quickly and efficiently, taking advantage of real-time visibility into production management processes.

Order management

Speed up your order closing process, price list management, workflow to automate salespeople’s routine, integration with the finance area, support reports and collaboration features.

Supply chain

Define, execute and support your supply/distribution chain from a single collaborative platform.


Manage your end-to-end inventory and logistics in real time. Batch controls, queues, demand planning, all in the cloud.

Purchases & Contracts

Control your complete purchasing process, from requisition to the receipt of materials or services. Manage your budgets and work with predictable costs

Global ERP and financial consolidation

Oracle NetSuite manages the complex needs of multinationals and multi-company groups. You can adjust currency differences and be compliant with the laws of each country. The system is multi-book, multi-company, multi-currency, and is capable of performing all financial consolidation in real time.

Oracle NetSuite ERP benefits

A broad range of robust ERP

Simplify your business processes to accelerate growth, drive innovation and stay competitive. The most innovative companies in the world have adopted Oracle NetSuite as a management tool!

Native business intelligence

Get real-time access to reports with drill-down, business indicators and KPIs on your mobile device or wherever you prefer. More than 400 reports and indicators ready for you to use.

Process automation

Oracle NetSuite is a fully customizable system that includes a powerful graphical workflow tool so that you can automate any process within the system, from simple approvals to complex processes.

Designed to support growing businesses

It is no coincidence that Oracle NetSuite was chosen by the largest startups in Brazil and worldwide as their management tool; the system is extremely flexible and you can quickly add or customize new processes and features with just a few clicks!

#1 Cloud-Based ERP Worldwide

Join the elite of over 40,000 companies using Oracle NetSuite

ERP - Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning

Oracle NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP is used by over 40,000 companies to manage complex and streamlined business processes.

Oracle NetSuite ERP accelerates financial closing processes, provides comprehensive expense management, offers simplified and auditable revenue management and, besides that, ensures real-time visibility into the financial performance of your entire company.

The Oracle NetSuite ERP combines all the functions of order management, inventory management, e-commerce and CRM in order to simplify the main business processes, from budget to sale, allowing everyone in your company to work with a single system of sales, finance, HR, accounting and customer information.

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