Privacy Policy

Active Cloud Solutions is committed to transparency in its relationship with Users, as well as with respect for their privacy, in accordance with Federal Law 12.965/2014 and Federal Law 13.709/2018. This is why Active Cloud Solutions has developed this Privacy Policy, so that you are aware of all the treatment that your data, collected during your browsing experience, is subjected to.

Acceptance of the Privacy Policy

By accessing the Active Cloud Solutions website through the worldwide computer network or any other means, the user accepts and agrees with all the conditions set out in this Privacy Policy. Hence we ask that, before accessing the Active Cloud Solutions, website, the user carefully read the legal notice and this Privacy Policy.

Data collection

To browse the Active Cloud Solutions website, the user does not need to sign up or provide personal data. We clarify that the user will only need to provide their personal data (such as name, e-mail, telephone, company and location) in the cases in which they intends to contact us through our platform, in the “contact” option, or to access to some material.

Cookies and automatic data collection

The Active Cloud Solutions website uses cookies to automatically acquire the following visitor data:

  • Source IP;
  • Full date and time of access;
  • Origin of access: if the user arrived at our website through Google, Facebook, Linkedin or any other website or platform that contains the link to our website;
  • Demographic data, such as gender, age group and location;
  • Contact details, such as name, e-mail, telephone if provided by the customer;
  • Keyword: a term that the user used to reach our website; and
  • Which sections of the website were visited, clicked on, had forms completed and had messages sent through the website.

Marketing and Remarketing

Active Cloud Solutions uses the services provided by Google Ads, Google Analytics and Facebook’s Pixel. As a result, after visiting our website, you will often come across advertising from Active Cloud Solutions when visiting websites that allow this type of advertising to run. In addition, this same form of advertising can also occur when the visitor accesses their Facebook account.

In addition to this form of advertising, Active Cloud Solutions also uses Customer Relationship Management Tools (CRM) in order to integrate and improve the relationship with customers through direct communication with them through a newsletter and sending e-mails containing information related to the user’s interests when visiting the Active Cloud Solutions website or when contacting the company directly.

Personal data treatment and sharing with third parties

The data collected as a result of visiting our website is stored in Active Cloud Solutions own database. The access system is protected by encryption and is constantly updated to protect the infrastructure and data.

Due to the use of the remarketing services mentioned in the previous item, the user’s navigation data on the website are shared with Google Analytics, Google Ads, RD Station, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, LeadsLovers, Ramper,, Youtube, and Facebook marketing platforms and tools. In addition, the registration data and the content of messages written by visitors, using the forms available on the Active Cloud Solutions website, will be shared with the software companies responsible for providing the CRM service and Active Cloud Solutions partners.

We emphasize, however, that the sharing of user data with third parties only serves to provide the marketing and remarketing services described in this Privacy Policy. Active Cloud Solutions does not share this data with third parties for the sale of registration or any other form of commercialization of this information.

Deletion and/or correction of data

At any time, the user can request access to their personal data controlled by Active Cloud Solutions, the correction of any incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data, as well as the elimination of their personal data from our storage, in addition to the other cases provided for in article 18 of Federal Law 13.709/2018.

To do so, just contact us by emailing [email protected] and we will answer your request free of charge.

Privacy Policy Changes

In the event that there are any changes to this Privacy Policy, you will be informed, specifically, of the changes made, and you may or may not consent to the new conditions of the Privacy Policy.

Applicable legislation and choice of jurisdiction

This Privacy Policy shall be governed, interpreted and enforced in accordance with Brazilian legislation. In addition, the jurisdiction of the District of São Caetano do Sul, in the State of São Paulo, is elected to resolve any issues related to the obligations contracted by means of this Privacy Policy, with the express waiver of any other, however more privileged it may be.